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Experienced, 5-Star Rated Criminal Attorney in Richmond, VA

Edwin F. Brooks, Attorney at Law is experienced in dealing with criminal cases. He has represented clients charged with a variety of serious charges, such as murder, drug offenses, property offenses, and more. If you feel you have been falsely accused of a serious crime, you will need legal help. Attorney Brooks can give you that help. At the Law Office of Edwin F. Brooks, you can find out more information on how to proceed.

What Is Criminal Law?

Criminal law handles any act that falls is harmful or threatening to the safety and welfare of people and property. Actions such as assault, rape and robbery are filed under criminal law. Rather than case resolution, a judge will place emphasis on punishment for such crimes. Punishments will vary depending on the severity of the crime. Attorney Brooks has experience litigating both felonies (serious) and misdemeanor (less serious) crimes.

Attorney Brooks has represented clients charged with various crimes, including violent offenses, drug offenses, robbery, rape, murder, sex crimes, property offenses and more. He has represented cases in a variety of areas in the state of Virginia. His experience in jury trials can help represent you during your legal troubles.

If you have been charged with a crime and need legal representation, give the Law Office of Edwin F. Brooks, LLC a call at 804-648-1448 to set up a free consultation. We’ll review your problems and help you figure out what action you should take!

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