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Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond, VA

A personal injury claim is filed due to the negligence of another person or company. These injuries can be physical or psychological. Some common personal injury claims are traffic accidents, assault, medical negligence, slip and fall, wrongful death and work accidents. If you’ve been injured and need to pay for medical expenses, you’ll want to file a personal injury claim—especially if your injuries will cause long-term problems.
You deserve compensation for any pain and medical bills you have. Let us help you get the compensation you need and are entitled to.

Why You Should File Your Dog Bite, Car or Truck Accident, and More FAST

If you’ve been injured due to a person’s or company’s negligence, you should take legal action quickly. Personal injury law has a statute of limitations involved, which means if you don’t take legal action before a set period of time has passed, you can’t retroactively take action. If you’ve been injured and will probably have long-term effects, you don’t want to pay for those when the responsible party should pay instead. If you’re not currently taking legal action or building a case, you can be sure the responsible party’s insurance is building a case. Act fast and let the Law Office of Edwin F. Brooks, LLC help.

We Have the Experience You Need in Personal Injury Cases From Wrongful Death to Slip and Fall, to Even Brain or Spine Injury

Edwin F. Brooks, Attorney at Law has handled personal injury claims all over the state of Virginia. We have the vast knowledge and experience it takes to deal with a complicated personal injury claim. If you or a loved one has been injured, or if you lost a loved one to wrongful death, we want to do everything we can to help you. Contact us today at 804-648-1448 for a free consultation on how we can get you and your family the compensation you are owed.
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